Russian Roulette Album

Russian Roulette Album

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'Russian Roulette' Hard Copy

Reverie & Louden's 2nd Official Album
Release Date May 30, 2014
Features Murs, Eligh, Luckyiam, Self Provoked, Bambu, Dave Allen, Dye & Citrine
Album Produced Entirely by Louden Beats

1- Russian Roulette (Intro)
2- Russian Roulette
3- The One (Evacuate)
4- Sitting with My Head Down, Pt. 2 (Always Slowed)
5- William
6- Up All Night (feat. Murs)
7- Stagnant
8- Blue Skies (feat. Self Provoked & Citrine)
9- Rhodes
10- Since You Left
11- L.A. Interlude
12- Los Angeles Times (feat. Bambu & Dye)
13- Walk in These Shoes (Say Something) [feat. Dave Allen]
14- Palm Trees (feat. Luckyiam)
15- Triple Kick
16- Need Me Pt. 3
17- F*ck What You Saying Now (feat. Eligh)
18- While I'm Still Here (All I Know)
19- Always Down

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